How to Seek Counseling


Our group is focused on creating a website that would have brief descriptions of different options of counseling.  To us, it is important that people feel the privacy and the security that they need to be able to look at the webpages, and feel comforted in the environment that we provide. Locating counseling can be hard to find and by using this webpage, it has an environment that is suitable for adults and high school students. One of the problems that affects people the most, is the price for the therapy. In one of the descriptions down below, there is a webpage that estimates how much it is going to cost for counseling. It also has a variety of specialized doctors that have graduated from top universities.


Seeking help can be hard. It takes willpower and trust. My own experience of contacting support was hard and did take trust, but once I got there, it was a relief and weight off my shoulders. It gave me a clear mind to know that I can open up and tell my story to someone that is there to listen. Someone that can not tell your story to another soul. Someone that can give you answers, direct you into the right path to healing, and having a better chance to move on in life. My emotions controlled my everyday life before I met with my counselor and at first it was hard to open up. For myself, we spaced out my appointments by a few weeks. Once my second meeting came around, I was so excited to go talk with my counselor and tell her how I have been and if I have progressed at all. After I saw her for about six months, she believed I was ready to have some space. She spaced the appointments out by two months. Once I finally met with her again, she was so happy to see me and I too was happy to see her. She became a friend and someone I was actually happy to see. Today, I am to the point I don’t have to see her anymore, but I sometimes stop by just to say hello and check in. I thought that people that saw counselors were considered crazy and unstable, but what I discovered was that people handle their emotions in different ways. Do not think you are crazy, because you are not. If you are in need of support, please use any of the contacts or links listed on this page.

Many of these counseling places will be open 24/7 because these things can happen at any moment and will be there in case of an emergency. An example that can help explain is when someone you may or may not know could be sexual assaulted anywhere and you may have been the one there to help out. After that, there’s always effects that can hurt people for the rest of their lives and knowing where to locate these counseling places would be a great help for that one person to be able to go back being themselves and hopefully not having to deal with those bad problems anymore. Just knowing a phone number or any place near you will be the biggest help for someone  you may know who has gone through any of these things and you can help someone be able to live better and in peace.


A devastating problem occurring across the world is sexual assault. Sexual assault is a problem that is not confined to any borders, races, or genders. It is a problem that will be tough to fix, but with help of counseling, sexual assault can be dealt with, and eventually stopped. Globally, rape has become recognized as an on-going problem. One of the first steps to end this problem is through counseling. Counseling can help those victims by having someone to talk to. Also it can rapidly curve the problem of rape before it occurs. Through counseling, people that would otherwise be sexual predators can seek help for their behavior that otherwise would have caused a problem. Therefore, counseling can provide help for the victim as well as those who are in need to curve their aggressive sexual behavior.


Counseling provides all-around support for those in need. Counseling provides a safe environment for those seeking help and wishing to vent their sexual needs and experiences. This environment is provided with thorough confidentiality.  Everyone in counseling is protected under patient doctor confidentiality. No information, that would otherwise be harmful to yourself or others can be shared without the patient’s own personal consent. All patients can freely vent their minds and experiences without any negative feedback. At no point during counseling can a patient be judged or insulted for the information they have given their counselor and at no point can the patient be ejected for their own beliefs and problems. Throughout the entire experience they will be provided with knowledge of more positive alternatives and will slowly begin to progress into a state of tranquility and peace from the emotion release of counseling. Counseling can be very expensive; any where from $1,000 to $7,000, but you can get a sliding scale which lets you have either a lower paying first session or a free one. This page will help you in making one Private Practice From The Inside And Out.

Here is a short video of a women explaining how can counseling help you and what counselors do.


Contact Information:

1.  Verity: Compassion, Safety, Support

(707) 545-7273

2.  Bernie’s Lil Women Center, Inc: Nonprofit Sober Living Organization

(323) 484-6153

3. Safe Helpline

(202) 544-1034

4. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


5. Psychology Today Terapists

(916) 259-3939 Para Hispanohablantes



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